A day trip: Lookout Mountain to Arapaho National Forest.

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so… Get on your Way” – Dr Seuss

Sometimes you just get the urge to go, especially living somewhere as beautiful as Colorado, where there are a world of wanderlust options available at any time. Kendall and I have been driving quite a bit over the past few weeks and wanted to finish out strong, so we figured we would take a little day trip. We didn’t exactly know where we wanted to go when it all started, as is often the case. Sometimes we just get in the van, and figure it out on the way.

VW Routan at Jones Pass
Parked near Jones Pass

We both work regular jobs so time is usually a bit constrained, leaving us maybe one or two full days to enjoy a short hike, or drive in or around the Springs. We visited Lookout Mountain a few days before with our friend Amy for her birthday, and decided to pass through one more time. The views were more than we could have hoped for. If you’re looking for one of the most beautiful drives in Colorado, Lookout Mountain (also home to Buffalo Bills grave, which we unfortunately didn’t get to visit) is certainly it. I imagined that gorgeous winding roads gently sloping up and down a mountain cliff-side only existed in far away places, but was pleasantly surprised to learn they were just a couple of hours away. Sunset here offers one of the most amazing and uninhibited scenes that Colorado has to offer.

Driving I-70 West another hour or so brought us to our decided destination, a little pull-off camping spot near Vasquez Mountain in the Arapaho National Forest. Jones Pass was a short distance away, and although we didn’t drive through, we’re told the Pass houses some incredible hiking options for novice to professional wanderers (and their furry companions), as well as off-road and sporting activities seasonally. Pull-off camping in Arapaho was easily accessible, and it seems it’s hard to pick a bad spot here. The summer months are still slowly melting the snow left on the mountains, which makes for some amazing waterfalls rushing down the mountainsides to their final destinations.

Flowers, Mountains, Travel
Blue Columbines line the Colorado dirt roads leading into the mountains.

Blue Columbines, (Colorado’s state flower) line the dirt roads leading you into the mountains. Driving just a short distance we reached what we hoped would be the perfect pull-off. We were rewarded immediately, walking just a short distance down to a small island surrounded by a decently fast running stream on most sides. We set up camp quickly for the evening, but 1,000 mosquito bites later we decided the van would be a cozier retreat. (*BRING BUG SPRAY, we used 2 different kinds and it still wasn’t enough to deter the mosquito swarm that seemed to linger around us. Sometimes they just don’t quit). A few snacks and some PB&J’s later we decided to call it a night, but a return trip to fully experience Jones Pass is in the near future.

Colorado never ceases to amaze us on our journeys, which have just begun. 7 months into our stay here we can honestly say we still haven’t even scratched the surface in exploring all the beauty to be found here. We can say however, that we are graciously and humbly accepting of the task to explore every part of not only this state, but the world as a whole. We’re excited and thankful for you joining us on our journey! Enjoy the slideshow of the full experience below and as always follow us on any of our social media accounts to experience the travels with us as they happen


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