The Beauty of Blodgett Peak

Looking for a beautiful and decently challenging hiking trail in Colorado Springs? Look no further than Blodgett Peak. Home to a beautiful waterfall, a breathtaking summit view, and recovering greenery due to a fire back in 2012, Blodgett is a perfect day hike that showcases a beautiful sunset view of Colorado if you can push through to the top.

Let me start by saying I came a little unprepared for this hike. While it doesn’t require any specialized gear I highly recommend the use of walking sticks and some nice comfortable hiking shoes with good grip. Fortunately last year I made the decision to break down and buy some awesome Merrell hiking shoes from at great price. Unfortunately I completely forgot them and ended up doing the entire uphill in a pair of Nikes. Again, let me tell you from first hand experience, if you’re planning on hiking Blodgett Peak, come prepared.

The path begins easy enough, a small dirt gravel mix road spanning from the parking lot right off of West Woodmen road. It’s easy enough, but do remember to 1. Pack water with you regardless of where you’re hiking in the springs, and 2. With the elevation difference in the state, if you’re just visiting and end up hiking Blodgett, take your time. It’s possible you’ll tire out just a little bit quicker than normal. At 3.5 miles and with the terrain turning halfway through from gently sloping gravel to a more intense rock crawl Blodgett is challenging in small amounts, but you’re rewarded for your efforts several times throughout the trek.


The forest trees that line the path frequently open to reveal gorgeous views that help put into perspective just how high you’ve climbed. The Waldo Canyon fire, which started June 23, 2012 and raged for several days before being 100% contained 17 days later on July 10,2012 has left most of the upper parts of Blodgett Peak scarred, however the resilient plant and flower life have slowly started to come back to life, creating a beautiful contrast of blacks and vibrant greens. A waterfall greets you just more than halfway up Peregrine trail, a beautiful, peaceful place to recharge and hang a hammock. Also if you’re like me and carry a life straw bottle, its a nice place to fill up on some ice cold water. Pushing through to the summit is a little difficult. Loosely packed trails, large rocks, and steep slopes make climb aggravating but not impossible; and the frustration and exhaustion from the efforts are quickly forgotten when you rise to the summit.

When you finally reach the top of Blodgett Peak you’re treated to views of Pikes Peak (we could see the cog railway train parked on the mountain through a set of standard binoculars). Views of Colorado Springs as well as Rampart Reservoir and Black Forest can be seen from the 9,423ft peak. Hiking this area is a great way to experience a part of the San Isabel National forest, on our personal journey we were delighted to see several deer, a falcon, and several other birds and small animals. Taking a moment to enjoy the peace that the summit offered was peaceful and connecting in so many ways, truly a beautiful experience. The entire slideshow can be found below!


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